9 Mount Pleasant

 2014 was a crazy roller coaster of a year. We packed up all our worldly possessions (and there were allot of them!) from 13 years in our happy, familiar and rather full house on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London and drove away, down Barry rd, feeling a bit wobbly but positive in our decision to move out of London to the City of Norwich, where Peter would start a new job at Norwich University of the Arts and the children would all start at new schools.
It was a huge upheaval but the children settled in pretty quickly and now 1 year on Peter and I are starting to feel at home.
After a shaky start with our initial rental property falling through we found a house to rent, unpacked a few boxes and kept going. Then I had the news that Dad wasn't well and wasn't going to get better, he left us at the end of Feb 2014 and left a huge gap where he should have been.

In April 2014 we took possession of the key to our new house, 9 Mount Pleasant. As we had a rental contract for 6 months we thought we would take the opportunity to get some painting etc done before we had to move in - this turned out to be a rather bigger job than we first anticipated and as well as walls falling down the whole house had to be re wired.
Now that I can see the house re emerging I thought it would be good to keep a record of what we have done so far and ongoing...

Top Floor - Molly's room - before


Top Floor - Sadie's room  - before


Top Floor - Syd's room - before


Top Floor - Bathroom - before


Top Floor Landing and Stairs


Our Bedroom - First floor back - before


Spare Bedroom - first floor front - before

Peter's Office - First floor, front - before

Peters work room - First floor, front - before

First floor landing and staircase

First floor Bathroom - before