Sally Nencini 'Mayo Chair'
I re-upholstered this lovely little 1940's chair and re-waxed the wood. For the top cover I machine stitched the leaf outline and then hand embroidered the inner leaf. I call it the 'Mayo Chair' as I did the hand work in Mayo, west Ireland, and it somehow reminds me of there.

Sally Nencini 'Come To Life Chair'
This is a family collaboration as it is a poem written by Sadie Nencini age 8, Peter designed the layout and design of the words and I hand embroidered the type onto a vintage french hemp sack. The chair was reupholstered with fibre and felt and a newly sprung seat.

Shadow Chair 1
Here I re-upholstered the armchair with fibre and horse hair and re sprung the seat and back.I machine embroidered the top cover using an image of autumn branches. I projected the black and white image onto the chair so it destorted over the seat and arms and followed the outline of the shadow with a stitched line.

Shadow Chair 2
This is done in a similar way but using an image of maple leaves, the fabric is a hemp linen blend.

Sally Nencini 'Tuft Chair'
This was Granty's chair and had been upholstered in brown velvet and foam. I striped it back to the frame and re upholstered it using traditional methods (horse hair and fibre)and recovered it in this vintage linen/silk stripe. Using matching coloured embroidery thread I hand tufted the front arm scrolls and did a running stitch in sections at the back, arms and sides.

Sally Nencini Screen
I striped and recovered this screen using a vintage printed fabric on the back. I took the images from the print of leaping dear, leaves and Aztec shapes, enlarged them and made a picture for the front of a big leaping dear kicking up leaves.I used a mixture of machine and hand embroidery and applique.Quite hard to see in the picture!

Sally Nencini 1950's stool
I picked this little stool up in a junk shop in Peckham and recovered it in this vintage fabric.