New cushions!

Here are some new cushions which I will be putting in my shop soon, inspired from a 60's tapestry dress I bought in a charity shop a while ago and an old Swedish cross stitch table runner I bought on ebay.

Dolly in progress

I keep trying to design a knitted doll, its so hard to get the character and expression right. This is my dolly so far - she is nearly there but not quite. I hope to have her ready for
Mid Century modern which I am taking part in in March, sharing a stand with Liz ( dicky bird ) which should be fun.....if I am ready!

Peckham pram

Walking back from my studio the other day I saw this old dolls pram in my favourite junk shop in Peckham, I just had to buy it! I have no excuses Its just so lovely.

New old Galt

Here is my latest vintage 'Galt' toy find, it is a little game with wooden shapes - the aim is to move the white square up to the opposite corner - a little like moving furniture around our house!



Peter has shown me this wonderful visual blog,
Intelligent clashing - so many beautiful things including these striped American African quilts from the Ricco Maresca Gallery

Peter Doll

My Daughter Molly (12) made this doll of Peter for his birthday! I think its so great and she really got the look......... don't you think!

.....then for Christmas he got a cardy, scarf and bag.......lucky him!