Poppy Cushion

I designed this cushion a while ago as I wanted to get to grips with intarsia knitting. I am happy with the result but it took a very long time to do but I will keep trying so I can make it affordable to sell!


Happy New Year!

Christmas at my mum's in Crossgar, N Ireland. What a wonderful Christmas day with blue sky, snow and sledging! It was so cold the snow was dry crystals - not possible to make snow men or have a snowball fight, but we still managed to have fun.

The road to my mums house!

Ulster Museum

During our Christmas break in N Ireland we visited the recently refurbished Ulster Museum which was a really fun day. There were wonderful 'hands on' rooms on each level. I loved the selection of shoes and this beautiful Inuit doll.

I would love these in my size!

I used to have slippers like these!

Toys for me!

I found this wind up tin toy at a car boot sale at my daughters school, from the 60's or 70's, I say its for the children but it's really for me!

Always on the look out for old Galt toys, I got this wooden boat on Ebay. It's so clever, can be made into any shape you desire using the pegs and blocks. Kept me and the children busy for ages!

Krysia's armchair

Before, during and ? I almost finished this chair for Krysia before Christmas - an amazingly comfortable deep buttoned armchair - just ran out of braid for the scrolls, after picture to follow....

Finished and in position!

Dining chairs

Before Christmas I completed upholstering this lovely set of 8 dining chairs, I worked on them in situe in this wonderful warehouse house by the edge of the river Thames in the east of London.