Dulwich Festival Artists Open House

So we did it!
Peter and I transformed our living room into a shop/showroom for the weekend for Dulwich Festival's Artists Open House and it looked pretty good, especially if you saw it on Friday evening - we were up until the wee small hours transforming it, unfortunately you can't move in our bedroom as thats were all the stuff went!

Felted Lambswool cushions;

I have started doing a range of lambswool knitted toys - these have been great fun to do, I make it up as I go along! Here is 'Skinny Monkey'

I have been gathering vintage tea towels from various sources and made them into this range of bags I like to call 'Tea Bags'. These were for sale at the Open House sale for £25 each. They are all lined with an inside pocket.


  1. Just discovered your lovely cushions on Etsy. They are all gorgeous.

  2. just realised that this was posted last year!! Oh well, still like your cushions!!