Flotta Chair

I have been working on an embroidered chair as a commission for Rebecca. The chair - or small sofa, has a wooden frame, I replaced the board, which was being used as a temporary seat with rubber pirelli webbing, (as it would have originally been
) I sanded the frame back, waxed and polished the wood replaced a missing dowel from the back.I have the 'before' picture but not quite ready with the 'after' yet.

Peter has been working on a wonderful design which I am embroidering onto the cover to remake the cushions.
The chair belonged to Rebecca's grandmother who lived on a small island in the Orkneys called 'Flotta'
The embroidery design tells a story and links 2 pairs of people spanning two generations, Rebecca's grandmothers and her two children. Find out more about this fascinating design and story on Peter's blog, post 'Flotta 1'

Here are some examples of the embroidered panels I have been working on, Peter has more pictures on his post 'RUN BACK CHAIN BRICK ROPE'

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  1. i'm really enjoying the close ups of your embroidery. beautiful!