Summer Time Flys

Well its been such a long time...again. I am such an erratic occasional quarterly blogger! My life has been a little bit taken over with knitting, wool sewing and creating which is very busy, can be fun and also stressful!
Since I did Top Drawer trade show in January things have really gone up a notch and I feel like I'm running behind trying to catch up - and then I said I would do it again in September as part of Spotted plus!
But as well as work we had some lovely times in the summer with friends .... and family.

First with our great friends in the South of France - relaxing in a Moroccan tent in the garden - why not!

 Then to Ireland and to my favourite place Tyrella beach, where the cottage that I spent many childhood summers still remains - kitted out by my granny and looked after by my mum - the best cup of tea is made over this fire!

...and it was sunny - always a bonus!

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