Embroidery at the Idler

I had a lovely day on Saturday teaching an Embroidery class at the Idler Academy on Westbourne park rd, London.
This is a wonderful place dedicated to teaching, learning and great coffee! Here is a description about what they are about taken from the website;

In Ancient Greece, the word which turned into our word for school, scholee, originally meant ‘leisure’. Education was a pleasure; it was a privilege freely chosen by the freeborn citizens of Athens. The Idler Academy brings this spirit of cultivated leisure to the 21st century, and crosses it with the lively atmosphere of an 18th century coffeehouse. We sell a wide range of new and secondhand books, largely educational in nature. We serve Monnouth coffee, Oolong tea from the Himalayas and Valrhona hot chocolate. We sell delicious cakes from Blueberry Hill. We run courses in academic and practical subjects, from Latin to embroidery, from book-keeping to ukulele, from life-drawing to ancient philosophy. This is a place to read, think, debate and learn, to sharpen your mind and learn creative skills. Above all, we seek liberty, and our Latin motto, libertas per cultum, means ‘freedom through education’.

I brought along a modern day sampler designed and printed by Peter and taught some basic stitches and variations on simple stitches to achieve this (almost) finished Sampler.
We had a wonderful lunch of salmon and asparagus, had delicious morning coffee and afternoon tea and cakes - a lovely way to spend a wet July Saturday.
Should be doing another in September - sign up for the Headmasters newsletter!


  1. Sally, this sounds like a pretty idyllic day to me..must look the place up.

  2. this looks so good. i wish i'd been there.

  3. Happy to have found my way to your blog. Such visual delight! I can't recall how I stumbled here but I am sure glad I did.