Summer is over

This summer started off with 2 lovely weeks in the south of France staying with great friends near Montpellier.
We saw the striking architecture at La Grande-Motte where we had great mussels, chips and beer... had lots of home grown tomatoes (in every form!)...strolled around Montpellier on a warm evening (see the tromp l'oiel in the center of town)... swam in the pool and went camping in the Ardeche. The campsite Mille Etoiles was peaceful and relaxing with a steep walk down to the bottom of a gorge rewarded with a swim in the river.

I spent a wonderful week in Northern Ireland at my Mum's in co. Down - its so good to get some fresh air, windy beaches and fresh veg from the garden - and see all my nieces and nephews!

During our stay in Ireland we visited the Aquarium at Portaferry - I love these ghost like Ray with what looks like little faces on their tummys - (we learnt they are breathing holes not faces!)

We finished the holidays back in London, enjoying the almost last hot sunny day in south Kensington, splashing in the pool at the V&A on route to the Science Museum.
I will be posting soon new work including the finished Flotta chair....


  1. Looks like you had a lovely summer, can't wait to see your new work!

  2. Thanks Fanja - look forward to catching up with you soon!