How Mr and Mrs Bunny began....

I found this lovely piece of woven vintage fabric while visiting my sister and going for a rummage at her local recycling center - like you do!
This is a place full of treasures, for those who like that sort of thing.
It is called 'Rose Tinted Rags' and is found on Rockfield rd, Hereford, you can have a look at their web site http://greeneyedmonster.org.uk/
I loved the colours and simple geometric pattern used on this piece of woven fabric and immediatley thought 'I could knit that!'
I had been working on a Bunny design but was looking for a lovely dress pattern so the two ideas combined and Mrs Bunny came to life....followed by Mr Bunny!


  1. Adorable! Love this pair of plushes. Hoping on that link now. Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. BUNNIES! I still love stuffed bunnies, especially quirky stylized ones, and I'm a grown woman. Their clothes are just the coolest.

    I'm trying to get more people who make unusual toys to join Kollabora, the crafting and DIY community I'm part of. I'd love it if you joined and maybe posted some pictures of your work! Come check us out sometime.

  3. I've just come across you via the shire gallery website in stafford, as I'm going to be sending them some items soon! :)
    your works gorgeous! and how your making it work is a real inspiration as i'm trying it myself!

    i totally understand if you can not answer this but im looking into getting some items made up i.e small blankets scarves etc and im struggling to find anywhere!
    Kind regards


  4. The bunnies are sooOOoo cute, very clever of you to make them from vintage fabric, makes them even more special! I am keen to recycle all sorts of bits and bobs, from fabric to cards to unpicked hand knitted jumpers... most things have a second chance and can be more beautiful second time around!
    Best wishes, Jay x The Sewing Wren